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Tampilan lantai vinyl mewah Home Floor yang sangat realistis adalah sesuatu yang sangat kami banggakan. Kami dapat menciptakan penampilan dan tekstur kayu alami yang indah karena teknologi REALFEEL ™ EIR (Embossed-in-Register) kami yang inovatif dan canggih, memberikan realisme yang tak tertandingi dan keindahan alam yang membuat lantai Anda menonjol. Nikmati daya pikat klasik kayu keras berkualitas tinggi dengan harga yang sangat kompetitif.

Setiap permukaan papan membentuk tiga dimensi yang unik membuat Home Floor pilihan terbaik untuk rumah atau bisnis Anda. Anda harus merasakannya untuk mempercayainya.


Code : LVT-6322

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-6039

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-0914

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-0004

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-6380

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-0503

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-0008

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm


Code : LVT-2613

Luxury Vinyl Click

Thickness 5 mm

Wear Layer 0.5 mm

Products parameters

Product series


Wear layer

Surface texture

Gloss level

Edge type




Package Content


Subfloor type

Install method

Manufacturer warranty

Luxury Vinyl ( Click Series )

PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride )

0.5 mm

EIR Embossed In Register


Micro Bevel

1220 mm

180 mm

5 mm

1.75 m2 / ctn

Not Attach

Ceramic / concrete


30 years warranty

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Synchronize Embossed


LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile - a product that looks like real wood and stone flooring, but provides many more practical benefits. Available in a range of shapes, sizes and effects, you can create an authentic looking floor in your home, without the practical drawbacks of natural products.

What is luxury vinyl tile made of?

LVT is made with a series of layers; the stability layer helps the product to lay flat and level, whilst still being flexible enough to cut through with a knife. The HD photographic layer gives product its highly realistic design whilst the PVC wear layer protects the floor’s design from everyday wear and tear, and our enhanced PU surface treatment provides added protection and reduced maintenance.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is designed to resemble hardwood, and it comes in strips. You can find this product in a number of styles, each mimicking a specific type of wood, from oak to hickory and beyond. Because vinyl tile imitates hardwood, you’re sure to find a version that matches the rest of your home’s decor. Additionally, vinyl is the budget-friendly choice for renovators who want the look of hardwood without the challenging installation and cost.

How is vynil constructed To understand what to look for with vinyl flooring, it is useful to first understand how it is constructed. Most modern vinyl is technically “composite” vinyl, meaning it is a combination of PVC (polyvinyl chloride, the scientific name for vinyl), plasticizers, and print films. The product typically comes with a backing material, which is a mix of vinyl and plasticiser or fiberglass. That material is then covered with a paper print-film, which has the desired color pattern. On top of the print-film, a clear layer of virgin or recycled PVC (vinyl) is layered as the main protection to the floor. This top layer of pure vinyl is called the “wear-layer”, and is the most expensive part of the flooring, since it is the only thing protecting the paper print film. Typically the wear-layer is given some level of texture or “embossing”, to better compliment the look of the print film being used. Finally, a coating of urethane is applied to the wear-layer, to further protect wear and provide the desired sheen for the pattern. The whole product is then cut up into smaller planks or tiles, depending on the pattern.