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Luxury Vinyl Tile Dryback

Virgin PVC

0.5 mm

Natural Touch

Semi Gloss

Seamless Effect

940 mm

186 mm

3.0 mm

3.32 m2 / ctn


Ceramic / Flat concrete

Glue On

15 Years Residential

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Luxury Vinyl Dryback Collection 3.0mm

Luxury vinyl flooring brings the beauty of nature into your home, providing an array of advantages at the same time.
Top quality and long-lasting, these floors are designed with both style and durability in mind. Their 100% water proof also opens up endless home makeover possibilities, allowing you to install a floor that looks just like solid wood in a bathroom or a kitchen. The glue-down installation method brings peace of mind that your new floor will perform perfectly over time and provide superior stability.

Made with a 0.5mm wear layer, the luxury vinyl planks and tiles from the Dryback Collection will stand the test of time. The surface will handle the pressures of a family home with elegance, and will maintain its charm intact in a commercial interior. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, these floors combine elegance with function. Comfortable underfoot thanks to their softer and warmer top layer, these products will enhance not only the look, but also the atmosphere of your home.


Vinyl Flooring Advantage

1. It’s Inexpensive

With flooring being such a big purchase for your new home, we don’t always like to encourage starting with price point; however, it’s hard to deny that if you use vinyl, you’re going to save some money than if you go with other flooring.

Vinyl can cost just a few cents per square foot. It can also cost quite a bit more for the higher end, luxurious vinyl designs. In either case, the product, finishing moldings and the installation together will likely save you a good amount of money compared to other types of flooring.

2. It’s Comfortably Beautiful

Vinyl has come a long way in terms of its look and feel. Today, vinyl is available in just about any color or pattern you can imagine. From the look of rich stone flooring to elegant hardwood floors, vinyl will give your home a beautiful aesthetic appeal.

You’ll also love the feel of it when you walk around your home. It’s resistant to cold in the winter so your toes aren’t freezing when the temperature drops. It’s also a soft, flexible material — perfect for kids to play on!

3. It’s Resilient

The best feature of vinyl flooring is its resiliency. The material is one of the most durable in the world. Once properly installed, it can last for decades. This is also a money saver in the long run!

Stains are no match for vinyl either. The material has a protective layer, which prevents spills from leaving their mark on your flooring.

As with any type of flooring, vinyl is not perfect. Stains, scratches, and other damage can happen. If a plank or tile is harmed, you can easily replace it. Pull up the vinyl flooring until you reach the damaged section and replace it with an individual plank or tile. Then reinstall the rest of the flooring. Just like that, your floors look good as new again.

Vinyl is a popular type of flooring for good reason. From its price point to its protective attributes, vinyl stands up to the test of time.

4. It’s DIY Friendly

Vinyl is one of the easiest flooring materials to install. Whether you install a glue-down vinyl or vinyl planks, no fancy tools are needed! You can have a new floor that transforms the look of your home in a matter of hours.

5. It’s Easy to Clean & Maintain

The look and feel will only take you so far, but when you realize how easy this type of flooring is to clean, you’ll be in love.

Vinyl flooring is low maintenance. By sweeping your vinyl flooring to keep it free of dirt and debris, you’ll also keep it protected against scratches and scrapes. A damp mop or basic household disinfectant mop is only needed to clean the floors if you have tough stains to contend with. This is a big plus when it comes to deciding between ceramic tile and vinyl. No need to worry about grout line

discoloration with vinyls!