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Dive into the latest trends in composite decking. Stay ahead in creating a modern, inviting outdoor space.

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The Future of Outdoor Living: Composite Decking Trends

Composite Decking

The variations between WPC Generations 1 and 2

Before making a purchase, learn about the many WPC options for your outdoor floor, make sure they meet your demands, and research the benefits and drawbacks of each product.

Due to its longevity, minimal care requirements, and environmental friendliness, WPC has grown in popularity as an option for outdoor flooring. WPCs, however, are not all made equal. The first and second generations of WPC are the ones that are currently on the market. We'll examine the distinctions between the two so you can choose which is most appropriate for your outside area.

The original edition of the WPC product was called WPC generation 1, while WPC generation 2 was a more recent and enhanced version. Although the two generations have many similarities, they also differ significantly in important ways that have an impact on their cost, performance, and durability.

1. Composition

  • 1st Generation WPC Decking: Constructed with a greater wood to plastic ratio of powdered wood and plastic.

  • 2nd Generation WPC Decking: Manufactured with a larger proportion of plastic to wood and a combination of wood fibers, polymers, and additives.

2. Resilience

  • First-generation WPC is less resistant to UV radiation and is more likely to fade, crack, and degrade over time.

  • Due to the nature of the material and the UV coating of the finish, 2nd Generation WPC has a stronger resilience to UV radiation and is less prone to fade, fracture, or warp.

3. Price

  • Because to reduced pricing for raw materials, the first generation WPC is often less expensive than the second generation.

  • Because to the greater quality of the raw ingredients, the second generation WPC is often more expensive than the first generation.

4. Treatment

  • WPC decking from the first and second generations need no further care, however the second generation is more resistant to stains and scratches.

  • Just sweep the surface of the WPC decking, brush it with a soft brush below, and apply a light detergent if necessary to clean it.

5. Installation

  • A competent installer or a do-it-yourself homeowner with rudimentary carpentry abilities may install both types of WPC.

  • It's crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's installation guidelines and make room for appropriate ventilation and drainage.

6. Color

  • WPC Decking from the first generation was only offered in shades of conventional wood, such brown and red.

  • More color and pattern options were available in the second generation, including more realistic solid colors and wood effects.

What Distinguishes WPC Decking Generations 1 and 2?

Conclusion :

What you need to remember is that WPC Decking's performance is also impacted by the care and upkeep given to it. To keep your WPC Decking functioning and looking great, be sure to clean and maintain it frequently.


The strength, durability, pricing, and surface qualities of WPC generation 1 and generation 2 differ from one other. WPC generation 1 might also be the best option for some needs, despite the fact that WPC generation 2 offers benefits in terms of quality. In order to achieve the best outcomes, it is crucial to take into account the above-mentioned parameters when selecting the kind of WPC to be utilized.

Finally, it's critical to think about how your decisions may affect the environment. Due to its use of recycled materials and lack of dependence on the harvesting of fresh trees, WPC is frequently promoted as a more ecologically friendly alternative to conventional wood.


It is crucial to remember that not all WPC products have the same effects on the environment. Certain WPC goods could not be recyclable or biodegradable and might include dangerous chemicals or additions.

Look for items recognized by respected organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design to be sure everything you select is ecologically friendly (LEED).

You can make an informed choice and get the most out of your outdoor area by analyzing the differences between first and second generation WPCs and taking into account aspects like composition, durability, pricing, maintenance, installation, and environmental effect.


WPC Decking 1st Generation

WPC Decking 2nd Generation

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SPC flooring offers a relatively more economical price compared to products in its class and has several advantages over other types of flooring, such as being waterproof, scratch-resistant, termite-resistant, easy to install, and durable. SPC flooring also offers a large selection of colors and motifs as well as various thicknesses to suit your needs and budget.

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