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With more than 15 years of experience in the flooring industry, Rumah Lantai Indonesia have brought innovative premium flooring to date. We are constantly developing beautiful floors that are easy to install with the best weather and scratch protection. With this in mind, we are considered as one of the recommended consumer brands. As one of the Indonesian manufacturers of SPC flooring and especially premium water and termite repellent products, we pride ourselves on producing unrivaled products backed by a lifetime warranty and the best customer service. You can find our products in stores and at our distributors in Indonesia.

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Spc Flooring


Get to know more closely SPC Flooring: A modern, durable and environmentally friendly flooring solution.

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Transform your home with WPC Ceiling! Durable, elegant, & easy to install. Explore various designs here.

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Transform Your Space with Vinyl Flooring : Stylish - Affordable, Durable and Easy to Install!

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Discover the advantages of WPC! Durable and Eco friendly. The perfect solution for your dream home.

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Find high quality WPC wall panels for your dream home. Durable, stylish and environmentally friendly.

SPC Flooring

The Top SPC Flooring Options in Jakarta

Find a wide selection of high quality SPC and WPC floors at Rumah Lantai Indonesia. With over 15 years of experience, we offer products that are durable, environmentally friendly, and backed by product warranties and exceptional customer service.

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Our premium flooring products offer a variety of advantages over standard flooring options. The materials used in premium flooring products are usually of higher quality, durable and environmentally friendly.


Q: What products does "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" offer to Customer in Indonesia?​

A: Rumah Lantai Indonesia offers a variety of high quality flooring products, including WPC Vinyl Floors, SPC Floors, Vinyl Floors, Decking, Ceilings and Wall Panels.

​Q: What are the advantages of premium flooring products from Rumah Lantai Indonesia?

A: The premium flooring products offered by "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" have several advantages over standard flooring options. They are made with higher quality materials, providing durability, long-lasting performance, and are environmentally friendly.​

​Q: How do I change the appearance of my room with Rumah Lantai Indonesia?

A: You can explore a variety of collections available at "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" for both residential and commercial spaces to seek inspiration and transform the look of your room.​

Q: Can I find the "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" product in a physical store?

A: Yes, you can find "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" products in stores and distributors spread throughout Indonesia.​

Q: What support does "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" provide?​

A: "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" offers support in terms of warranty, installation guides, maintenance tips, terms and conditions, shipping and delivery, and privacy policy.​

Q: Where is the location of "Rumah Lantai Indonesia"?​

A: "Rumah Lantai Indonesia" is located at Jl. Rp. Fatmawati No. 33 H/5, Cipete, South Jakarta, Indonesia 12410.​

​We are very happy with the quality of this spc floor. It's clear that this store has a deep understanding of what customers like us need.

Anang Firmansyah

Our office is now really cool thanks to this super cool spc floor. Thank you to the supplier team who have contributed to making this space so extraordinary.

Anita Siahaan

​This WPC floor shop has indeed set high standards with their best products. I am very satisfied with the results of this WPC floor installation. Thank you!

Robert Harris

Happy Customer

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