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Want to discover cleaning tricks for SPC flooring so they always seem spotless and new?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

To keep the SPC floor looking fresh and clean, read this article to learn how to clean it. Discover how to safely and effectively clean SPC flooring.

SPC flooring is one of the most popular types flooring today. Apart from being durable and easy to install, SPC floors also have an elegant and modern appearance. However, to keep SPC floors looking new, proper and regular maintenance is necessary. The following are tips on how to clean SPC floors so they always look new.

The Importance of Cleaning SPC Floors Regularly

Cleaning SPC floors regularly is very important to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the floor. Dust, dirt, and stains on SPC floors can make the floor look dull and unattractive. In addition, dust and dirt can accumulate in the cracks in the floor and cause damage to the SPC floor.

Ways for Successfully Cleaning SPC Floors

The following are recommendations for properly cleaning SPC floors:

  1. Clean the SPC floor often by sweeping it or using a vacuum.

  2. Wipe the SPC floor frequently with a moist towel to keep it clean.

  3. To clean SPC flooring, stay away from strong chemicals or cleansers with acids.

  4. SPC flooring should be cleaned with standard floor cleaners like superpel and similar products.

  5. Aim to use as little water as possible while cleaning SPC flooring.

Safe Types of Cleaners for SPC Floors

Choose a cleaner made especially for SPC flooring. Check to see whether the cleaner contains any harsh ingredients, such as acid or alkali. Avoid cleaning with oil-containing products since they can make SPC flooring slick and hazardous.

Cleaning Stains from SPC Flooring

If the SPC floor has stains, remove them as soon as you can with a moist cloth dipped in soapy water or a cleaner designed specifically for SPC floors. Avoid allowing the stain to remain on the SPC floor for too long as this may make it more challenging to clean.

How to Protect SPC Flooring from Damage

Avoid the following to keep SPC flooring durable and new-looking:

  1. SPC flooring shouldn't be scrubbed with abrasive brushes or rough cleaning equipment.

  2. To remove stains on SPC flooring, stay away from cleaning agents that include acid or alkali.

  3. Avoid placing particularly heavy things on the SPC floor.

  4. Avoid using cleaning agents that the maker of SPC flooring has not approved of or that are improper.


Regular floor cleaning is crucial to preserving the SPC's cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. Use cleansers made particularly for SPC floors, stay away from using harsh chemicals or harsh cleaning equipment, and steer clear of placing heavy things on SPC floors. You can maintain the durability and new appearance of your SPC floor in this way. For best benefits, remember to routinely mop the SPC floors.



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