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Premium waterproof flooring

WPC ( wood plastic composite )

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WPC Flooring ( Wood Polymer Composite )

Have you ever heard about WPC wood flooring ? That is the trend at this time?

Experts call it " The Future Flooring ". The WPC floor is famous for being 100% waterproof. This is a premium class floor that is equipped with a special waterproof "core board" which makes it perfect for every room in the house.

The WPC is best of the best floor covering material and is very popular with home owners looking for traditional wood but easy to maintain. This is also one of the most popular flooring options for commercial and business spaces. Luxurious appearance and low maintenance. Its main benefit is water proof and termite proof, easy installation, maintenance free and can be installed to all types of floors without much preparation.

WPC, on the other hand, stands for Wood Plastic (or Polymer) Composite. Its core typically consists of polyvinyl chloride, calcium carbonate, plasticizers, a foaming agent, and wood-like or wood materials such as wood flour.

Manufacturers of WPC, which was originally named for the wood materials it was comprised of, are increasingly replacing the various wood materials with wood-like plasticizers.

Product Structure

WPC flooring structure


Home Floor Premium Series

Benefits of WPC Flooring

  • WPC’s core is constructed of recycled wood, polyvinyl chloride, and calcium carbonate, plasticizers, a foaming agent for ultimate stability

  • 100% waterproof, environmentally sustainable construction with extruded waterproof core

  • No swelling when exposed to water

  • Angle-Angle (Tap Lock) glue-less locking system

  • Underlayment is not required for installation

  • Ability to install over another floor

  • Easy to install and maintain

  • Limited expansion and contraction with temperature changes